Harrisburg Pa SEO

Harrisburg is the capital city of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which is one of the states of United States of America. It is also the administrative center of the Dauphin County. “Harrisburg” is named after the Englishman, John Harris, who was the first man to recognize its strategic importance built a trading post there. In the 18th century, thousands of Germans settled in Harrisburg and their industrial skills made this city famous for its iron production industries.  Susquehanna River was near the Harrisburg and was an important path for south and north tradition, Harrisburg was also an excellent path for east-west merchandising, so it became an important harbor of Pennsylvania. With the envision in of several immigrants, Harrisburg was introduced with different cultures and arts of poetry, fashion, brass instruments, furniture and glass works prospered there.


In the 20th century, the Second World War affected badly the industrial conditions of Harrisburg. The nuclear accident at the Island Power Plant in 1979 also affected the city because it was just three miles away from the Power Plant. A lot of people migrated to other areas and the city was known as one of the most distressed cities of U.S. After that, reconstruction of the city started, industries and residential areas were reconstructed and about $3.4 billion was invested during 1982-2003. This had a positive effect on the city’s population and conditions as many people started living in Harrisburg and joined “Back to the city” movement. And a time arrived at while other cities of America were facing economic downfall, Harrisburg was the economically, a stabilized city. The crime rate was also observed to be reduced by 56.5 percent. Its population in the year 2000 was approximately 629,401. The city has a strong government of mayorship type. The Mayor and other council members are selected for a time period of 4 years by voting.

Due to the economic and industrial reforms, Harrisburg is now considered to be one of the best places to live in America. It has a below the national average living cost. It is ranked 25 in top 100 metro areas. About 400 different communities live here. Steel products i.e. railway machinery, textiles, computer products, machinery and other goods like books, shoes,  food products are manufactured in Harrisburg. Stable, prospering economy and state governments encourage new business to establish their business in the city.

It has also 4 hospitals to look after the health of the people. 800 primary physicians, skilled nurses and technicians in different hospitals, work diligently to provide comfort to the patients. Harrisburg state Hospital is a huge hospital comprised of 200 acres and 50 different buildings. But due to decreasing number of patients day by day, the  administration has announced that this hospital will soon be closed.

Harrisburg has ten colleges and three graduate schools. Penn State, Temple University and Widener University have established their branches in Harrisburg city and more than 100 associate courses and diploma programs are being offered in these universities.  There are also many libraries and research centers in the city.